About The European Cell and Tissue Bank (ECTB)

The European Cell and Tissue Bank (ECTB) acts in Austria under the synonym Österreichische Gewebebank gemeinnütziger Verein (ÖGGV) and is based in Bernadingasse 12, 4600 Wels, Austria.

The European Cell and Tissue Bank (ECTB / ÖGGV) is a Entnahmeeinrichtung and Gewebebank according to Austrian Tissue Law Österreichisches Gewebesicherheitsgesetz which complies with a Tissue Establishment according to EU Directive.

ECTB is a non-profit organisation, which is subject to the Austrian law of associations.

The main objective of ECTB is to supply hospitals with high-quality tissue products meeting the demand of ultimate safety for the patient as well as the best applicability for the medical practitioner.

ECTBs main focus is the procurement, storage, processing and distribution of human bone allografts for implantation as well as research and development of new technologies for processing of innovative tissue products for applications in human medicine.

Due to logistical and economical reasons parts of the above mentioned activities are outsourced to qualified and certified partners. The most important partners at the moment are igoR (Institute for Tissue- and Organreconstruction) based in Wels, Upper Austria, and EMCM (European Medical Contract Manufacturing) in The Netherlands.

ECTB is also working in cooperation with many different tissue banks in the EU to use resources and synergies in the most effective way and to exchange experiences. The most important partner of ECTB in this matter is BISLIFE Foundation located in The Netherlands to which a very intensive and productive cooperation exists over years now.