About us

The EUROPEAN CELL and TISSUE BANK(ECTB/ÖGGV) is a procurement Establishment and
Tissue Bank according to Austrian Tissue Law (Österreichisches Gewebesicherheitsgesetz) which complies with a Tissue Establishment according to EU Directive. 
ECTB/ÖGGV is based in Wels, AUSTRIA, and is a NON-PROFIT ORGANISATION. Its focus is the procurement, storage, processing and distribution of human bone allografts for implantation as well as research and development of new technologies for processing of innovative tissue products for applications in human medicine. The main objective of ECTB/ÖGGV is to supply hospitals with high-quality tissue products meeting the demand of ultimate safety.

New developments make high demands on safety and quality of human bone allografts and require innovative methods for cleaning and processing.
From the beginning, the EUROPEAN CELL and TISSUE BANK(ECTB/ÖGGV) has evaluated cutting edge technologies within cleaning and processing allografts and decided to process chips, shaped femoral heads and blocks in an innovative and considerate way using supercritical CO2. 
This Process allows to meet the increasing demand for ‘clean’ products – above all massive allografts – considering safety and quality requirements. It is a gentle, safe and efficient cleaning process throughout the whole bone matrix even for massive allografts. Its virus-inactivating effect is validated. 
Lipids and cellular components are removed completely. Collagen and osteoinductive proteins are ed with care. Mechanical properties are mainly unmodified. Thus incorporation in the recipient is faster and more complete. The resulting product OSpure® offers ultimate safety and quality, is easy to handle and saves time in the operating room.