Innovative Processing Method for Innovative Products
The bone tissue is procured, tested and processed according to the EU Directives and Austrian Tissue Law Österreichisches Gewebesicherheitsgesetz.
The essential characteristic of processing is that supercritical CO2 technology is used, currently the most gentle and effective technology of cleaning bone allografts. 
Supercritical CO2 has the ability of high penetration throughout the whole bone matrix
combined with high potential to solve lipids and cellular components associated with lipids.(4) 
 Using this technology lipids and bone marrow are removed, while the collagen matrix consisting of collagen and minerals is mainly maintained. Osteoinductive proteins are ed with care. The native composition of the matrix promotes osteocunduction (6). 
 The virus-inactivating effect of the process has been validated several times (5). By removing fat and cellular components antigens are removed (7) and immunological reactions are avoided. 
 Because of the unique properties of supercritical CO2 this innovative processing technology enables efficient and gentle cleaning of human bone allografts – also for cortical and massive allografts – and guarantees ultimate biological safety and quality of the products.

Application and Bone Graft Impacting

Using mild to moderate impaction forces, depending on the required effect. Mild impaction will result in accelerated incorporation, moderate forces increase primary stability. Insertion of osteosynthetic material or endoprostheses may precede or follow the grafting procedure, according to local circumstances. 








Safe, Clean and Efficient!
· The validated virus-inactivation grants ultimate safety. (5)
· Extraction of lipids and cellular components takes place deep into the bone matrix.
· The collagen matrix consisting of collagen and   minerals is mainly maintained and 
  osteoinductive proteins are ed with care.
· The native composition of the matrix promotes        osteocunduction. (6)
· The mechanical and structural qualities are mainly     equal to those of unprocessed bone 
  tissue. (8)
· Using impaction grafting the primary stability of purified allografts is favourable compared 
  to not purified, fatty transplants. (2, 3)
· The cleaning process uses only non-toxic solvents.
· Processed chips, femoral heads and blocks have no immune response of the recipient.
· Incorporation at the recipient therefore takes place faster and more complete. (1, 6, 9)
· The allografts are double packaged in blisters or glass vials and sterilized.
· Storage takes place under room temperature conditions for up to 5 years.
· The products are easy to handle and user-friendly shaping saves time in the OR.








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