The Challenge of Bone Infection and Re-Infection

As clinician you may need to bone infections and prevent re-infections.
You are familiar with the challenge of
·      Biofilm infections
·      Osteomyelitis
·      Reconstruction of bone defects 
·      Death-Space management 
·      PJI
·      SSI
·      Infected non-unions
·      Antibiotic resistance

Prevention of Infection and Re-Infection

Why use OSpure® and why OSmycin® V/T is impregnated with high-dose antibiotics?
Effective strategies for preventing infections like osteomyelitis are described in clinical literature.Our process guarantees the purest quality of Bone Graft. This allows the impregnation of the bone transplanted with very high doses of antibiotics with high bioavailability.This method allows the release of a high-dose antibiotic release at the site of implantation. OSmycin® V/T ensures antibiotic release above the MIC-level. Prevention of infection and re-infection. Bone regeneration without white drainage.